Welcome to the game! This is a wiki devoted to my D&D setting, Atlantis: The Orichalcum Age, as explored in both my tabletop MCAD games and my Play-By-Post game on Rondak's Portal.

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Next Game

Our MCAD tabletop campaign is currently on suspension due to school workload. This may soon change with the summer vacation upon us.

The Rondak's Portal game has been in session since May 9th, 2007.

Wiki Updates

I'll be adding information here as I find time to do so. Some of this will be rules or character-related information, though most of it will be detailing the game world. Whatever the information, I'll keep record of what I've added here. The most recent additions are at the top.

12/08/07 - Updated synopsis of The Adoniad PbP on The Epic page. Still holding out hope that we can resume playing it after I finish art school this week.
07/19/07 - Replaced Arete honor system with Piety rules from Mythic Vistas: Trojan War which better fit what I was originally trying to do.
05/09/07 - Updated Next Game information; Rondak's Portal PbP accepted.*
02/27/07 - Added The Epic page; The World Map and the Europa Map.
02/21/07 - Added Experience Point Awards.
02/20/07 - Added Wiki Updates section, updated Next Game information. Added Amazon Warrior Background Package; Arete addition for Amazon warriors; Atlantean Noble Background Package; Crystal Keep 3.0 Rules link; Regional Feats.


In the nearly forgotten reaches of prehistory, the god Poseidon favored a mortal woman named Cleito and had ten sons by her. These demigod princes wielded the power of sorcery, together ruling the land that the god of the sea had raised from the waters for them - Atlantis. Through their sorcerous abilities they created a coppery metal of astounding strength and malleability called orichalcum; with this they forged armor and weapons, built walls, and performed other feats of engineering. The Atlantean armies were undefeated by any foe; their navies conquered the waves and thus the lands on the far side of the great world sea. So great was their civilization that it inspired the Egyptians and the Greeks, but their hubris is also well-remembered…

Atlantis is a little different than most D&D worlds because the general technology level is lower in some areas. Essentially, Atlantean technology is Iron Age (like the ancient Romans), using magical "orichalcum" instead of iron. The rest of the world is somewhere in the Stone Age or Bronze Age, savage and untamed lands being explored and colonized by Atlantis. Both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are open - fantastic versions of Europe, Africa, and the Americas are known to the Atlantean conquerors. Oh, and there are also Amazons, who are allies to the Atlanteans. Spellcasters are generally either Atlantean nobles, foreign witches, or barbarian shamans.

Where To Find It

The Setting page contains information on the lands, cultures, magic, religions, technology and notable personalities of the Antediluvian World. This will probably be growing regularly as I find the time to type up more details about the game-world. No promises, as I need to keep my schoolwork as top priority, but I'll do what I can to familiarize you with the setting.

For a more mechanical look at the campaign, House Rules is where you'll find details on character creation: races, classes, and so on. There are also listings of the rules variants I plan to use for this campaign, mostly cribbed from Unearthed Arcana but also a smattering of other sources. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to memorize all of these rules; I'll remind you of them as we play.

I've included a page of Links which you may find useful, or at the very least interesting.

Finally, the Contact List will contain all of the information you'll need to get in touch with me or any of the players…provided I get their permission to post it there. I've spelled out the e-mail addresses phonetically to avoid any spambots from taking advantage of them.


This setting is based on the old, out-of-print The Lexicon: Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis by Bard Games (which has since seen a new edition from Morrigan Games, Atlantis: The Second Age). I've given it my own tweaks here and there, influenced by GURPS Atlantis and several books on ancient Greece.

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