Here are some websites that may be of use to you:

The Hypertext d20 SRD - All of the rules from the Core Rulebooks and other books featured in the System Reference Document (thus making them Open Gaming Content). Also includes a nice Dice Roller.

Crystal Keep 3.0 Rules - Features indexes and compilations of D&D rules that you can download in PDF format.

Third Edition D&D Character Generator - A Javascript character creator that you can use to put together the basics of your character. Won't inlcude Arete, Reputation, or Traits and Flaws, but those are easily enough added later. Update: Also doesn't seem to be handling Spells, which is annoying.

Mad Irishman Productions: D&D Character Sheets - This guy designs character sheets for a variety of different RPGs. Top-notch stuff, lots of variant sheets to choose from, dependent upon your tastes.

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